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If you are an existing user of credit insurance and believe your current arrangements aren’t delivering the value they should, we would be pleased to demonstrate how our approach to broking can freshen things up. If you would like to find out more about how credit insurance can support your business, please get in touch.

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Case Studies

Releasing the Brake!

Releasing the Brake!

A fast growing and sales orientated UK based exporter has an increasing market demand for its products but recognises that its prudent credit management strategy for new markets and customers is acting as a brake on growth.

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A Credit Insurance policy can open-up insurer dialogue on new markets, specific trading risks and provide certainty on specific export trades with an insured credit line.  This two-way exchange of intelligence and data provides a commercial advantage and helps to develop new competencies as well as provide trading protection.

Avenue adds value by proposing the insurance purchasing strategy, crafting the market submission, negotiating the right deal with a range of specialist insurers and helping to implement the insurance policy.

From topping out to topping up!

From topping out to topping up!

An existing policyholder is trading in excess of their maximum credit line, offered by their primary insurer on one or more of its buyers.

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A creative approach to securing additional market capacity can be particularly valuable to companies which source funding linked to trade receivables or need to manage credit risks linked to seasonal peaks in supply or demand.

Using our expertise and specialist insurer contacts, Avenue can source additional exposure from one or more specialist ‘top-up’ insurers to enable clients to meet short and medium term trading requirements.

Avenue’s Specialist broking support helps prepare the market submission, accesses a broad range of insurers, brings parties together and negotiates competitive terms and policy wordings.