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A well-managed credit insurance programme is as good as a cast-iron guarantee, that in the event of non-payment by a customer, an insurer will step in to make good most of your loss.

Avenue specialises in placing Trade Credit Insurance, which is a unique blend of risk management and a facilitator of financial growth. Credit insurance helps bridge the complex gap between risk, sales and profitability. Most experts agree, credit Insurance gives businesses a valuable edge in today’s uncertain global economy, being able to help protect them from financial distress, as well as providing a competitive advantage.

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  • Protection

    Protection from bad debts arising from non-payment, from defaults due to a customer’s insolvency to politically motivated events which exporters are exposed to.

  • Enhancement

    Your normal source of credit information reports will be enhanced through higher quality information.  In many instances, insurers will have more up to date credit information and better-informed ratings than other sources

  • Greater Access

    Greater access to trade finance facilities by enhancing your credit rating, improving your advance rates and reducing costs. It may also remove the need for the borrower to provide additional security to the trade financier.

  • Outsourcing

    You can take advantage of additional credit management services, including the collection of outstanding invoices- often included at no extra cost- essentially outsourcing your credit management to a credit insurance company.

  • Tailored

    We can tailor the insurance policy wordings to the precise characteristics of the business sector you trade with.  This is particularly relevant and helpful to companies competing in Construction, Recruitment and Energy sectors.

  • Growth

    Information from insurers can help you to identify, and then trade safely, in new markets, becoming a valuable driver for growth.

Our Products

Credit Insurance

We specialise in placing different types of credit insurance.

  • Fully Comprehensive

    Covers your whole customer base against loss, due to both insolvency and protracted default, for both domestic and export trade on credit terms.

  • Selective Cover

    Designed to cover only your larger buyers, selected markets or any other criteria agreed with the insurer in advance.

  • Single Buyer Cover

    Designed to cover only a single debtor of your choice.

  • Top Up Cover

    If the existing insurer is unable to provide a credit limit then some insurers will top up cover to the levels required. Can be provided on a comprehensive or selective basis.

  • Bespoke solution

    The trade credit insurance market is able to work with Avenue to tailor a solution to your precise needs- you could be a smaller business looking to outsource your credit management to an insurer or a larger client with a leading edge credit management capability seeking credit risk mitigation just for larger exposures. We’ll make it happen.

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Surety Bonds

Most commonly used in the Construction industry, a Surety Bond is typically a guarantee of the obligations of one company to another.

  • Avenue can help you find one of many solutions, independent of traditional bank facilities, so your existing banking lines will not be diluted. Insurers base Bond decisions largely on the financial strength of the company and are unsecured.

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Access to Business Funding

As a member of the Tavistock Group, we work closely with our colleagues at Ultimate Finance, the UK’s leading independent business funder, to structure tailored funding solutions that could do your business the world of good.

  • Trade Finance

    Funding that allows you to make purchases and pay suppliers before you've received the cash from the sale.

  • Invoice Finance

    Get the money you’re owed quicker. Simply use your sales ledger as an 'asset' that you can borrow against.

  • Asset Finance

    Simple hire purchase or leasing, it lets you buy or lease new equipment without paying all the costs upfront.

  • Cash Loans and Advances

    A straightforward version of a business loan with monthly repayments and no hidden fees or surprises. Or a pre-approved unsecured cash advance for whenever you need it, paid back in one simple repayment.

  • Bridging Loans

    A short term loan that gives you the breathing space to arrange long term funding or sell your property.

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